Programma voor Afrika Dag festival is definitief

12:00– Opening by Arno Scheepers
12:05-poem by Charlotte de Raad
12:15–  Gooische Woordenaars music
13:20 – Daniel Okiror &Band Africa Safari music
14:25 – Bachata Workshop by Kendrick
15:30– Paul Morris music
16:35-Colin Enrico music
17:40- Music by DJ
18:00- Akhira-Thaise dance
19:00 Music bij DJ
19:15 PASSION UrbanKawina music
20:20 Kush band music
21:35 Music by DJ
During the festival, a so-called children’s corner will be run; an ongoing educational Workshops. It will be provided by:
13:00uur t/m 14:00uur
Toon- Brass band workshop
14:00uur t/m 15:00uur
Lacruz Helweg-Timber dino making
15 :00uur t/m 17 :00
Omar Djembe