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Why Hilversum One?

Sly has a dream, she looks around and sees a world full of fear and aggression, anger, hatred and self-interest. She looks again and in the same world, a father loves his child. A mother helps her neighbours. The sun shines through the clouds and a passer-by wishes someone a good morning. Sly makes a decision: she will make the world more beautiful, for her children and for everyone. Sly smiles because from now on she looks at everything differently, she enforces positivity in her life and the lives of those around her and in the community of Hilversum. She decides to build a better society together with the community of Hilversum for a better future.

Hilversum is a growing town and this is due to the presence on various big multinational companies increasing the nationalities living in it. Stichting Hilversum One through her activities brings all the different people living in Hilversum in a positive way together.
Stichting Hilversum One was founded in September 2016. A multicultural organisation with its own social networks in Hilversum. The founding board consists of Sly Ndlovu, Lei Ma and Stellah Nambuya. Together they symbolize the great diversity in cultures and backgrounds of Hilversum. The organisation is a non- profit organisation and does not pay its employees. Languages spoken internally within the organisation include Dutch, English, French, Shona and German.
The organisation seeks to bring the Hilversum community from different cultural backgrounds, ages and sexual preferences together to create more understanding, knowledge and cooperation for the diversity of cultures. The target group for all the organisations activities is the whole population of Hilversum.
The organisation organises workshops, meetings and neighborhood activities focused on multicultural diversity. Our focus is particularly in neighborhoods, schools and the local business market. The organization organises yearly a multicultural festival with various performances, artists and entertainment for all on all Hilversummers. There is a great collaboration with stichting Hilversum One in the neighbourhoods of Hilversum in order to bring about social cohesion. Activities in the neighborhood for, with and by residents such as introduction afternoons based on ‘who lives in my street’, themed workshops for (primary) students, annual multi-cultural festival, food tour through Hilversum in collaboration with the local hospitality industry, refurbishing of the neighborhood walls or a playground with a street party afterwards. The organisation has a preference to partner with Hilversum businesses to support the local economy and as well help give visibility to smaller organisations.
All our activities are based on the central themes:
Diversity-the activity must have a multicultural character
Social participation-the activity must at least be carried out together with residents to help prevent loneliness and exclusion
-local economy-the activity collaborates with Hilversum entrepreneurs and organisations.
These central themes are the backbone of all stichting Hilversum One activities,an organisation that listens to what everyone in the community has to say and need. We create social cohesion using culture which is with music, dance, singing, storytelling, eating, drinking from all different backgrounds of the Hilversummers. Hilversum One is strongly committed to involving all local residents wherever possible. The prevention of loneliness in, mostly, the elderly and the outgoings of disagreements between local residents can often be addressed by early warning of the problems. Connection of the inhabitants by means of the various initiatives of and with Hilversum One breaks the negative spiral in which people can end up. In a complex problem, the organisation will always refer or escalate issues to the official care authorities.
Tasks and responsibilities
The organisation is responsible for finding volunteers and guiding them according to according the goals of the organisation. The recruitment takes place by creating brand awareness of diversity and inclusion through activities. We actively engage in volunteer recruitment via Versa Welzijn a social organisation and though our own networks from our activities and social media channels. In our neighbourhood activities, the whole organisation founding board is involved and participation of residents is not obligatory but very desirable. A volunteer at Hilversum One can be asked to present a recent declaration of conduct. In the case of working with children and youngsters up to 18 years of age, this is a standard request from a volunteer. As well as is the case of activities involving financial transactions of at least Euro 500 in total, a volunteer is requested to provide a VOG (Verklaring Omtrent Gedrag) before being a volunteer of Stichting Hilversum One. Every year, all volunteers- both structural and seasonal employees, discuss the wishes and possibilities of activities for the next calendar year. Planning for the next year is a good sign that shows the organisation’s visibility and presence in the Hilversum society. This includes several actions, while maintaining space for responding to current and acute needs. At least the following activities are realised per quarter:
– In addition to the structural actions and events, the multicultural festival is One Hilversum Festival takes place every year. Residents action and neighborhood feast.
-Each quarter, at least in one area of Hilversum, a residents activity is organised and at the end a neighbourhood party is held. For example, neighbourhood redecorating a playground, decorating a blind wall, or cleaning up of the elderly’s garden before spring. Participating residents are asked to actively bring a drink, a snack from their own ethnic background in order to allow the others to have a ‘ taste ‘ of their identity.
– Workshop for primary school students or children’s clubs. In consultation with the Hilversum primary schools have a Saturday afternoon activity for different groups of children and the youth. Other actions and events at least once a year, a multi-culti food tour organized in collaboration with a part of the Hilversum catering industry. Participants can discover food and drink from all kinds of cultures at different locations. Hilversum One Provides background information and stories about the origins of culture. Every year, the one-day multicultural festival One Hilversum organized with foodstalls, performances and products from all of Hilversum and surrounding regions.


KvK-number: 66819245 – SBI-code: 94994

Bank account number: NL09INGB0007560814

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