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    een kraam huren (4 x 1,5 m)met een eigen food-truck staan


    Met de verzending van dit formulier gaat u akkoord met onze voorwaarden en bevestigt u de inschrijving. De inschrijving is definitief na bevestiging via de mail door Stichting Hilversum One en ontvangst van het volledige deelnamegeld.

    Questions? Feel free to contact us: 06 – 21104966.
    The Price for a Stall Pitch up to 5 mtrs is €100,-including current and non food is 50 euro. You must provide an approved electrical cord that is long enough to reach the power point (up to 20 mtrs).(All prices are excluding BTW)
    -For food trucks etc. longer than 5 mtrs Adjusted prices are applied.
    -The stalls are approx. 4 x 1, 5mtr with a cape/roofing. By Default, behind the booth you have about 1 mtr Space and no space next to the stall. Some stalls are along the water.
    -If you have any special wishes regarding your Stall You can indicate this in the “Remarks/Details” box. We try to take this into account as much as possible and do our best to meet them.
    -The organization provides the area of power points, stalls, toilets, waste bins, fire extinguishers, picnic benches, a First Aid Station and security. There is no water supply!
    On the day of the festival you can visit the property from 08.00 hours. At 09.30 hours all means of transport (except the food trucks) must be off the premises except for the police and fire department. The area has ample free parking. After 21.00 Hours It is not possible to sell anymore and you can start the packing up of all your items.
    General Conditions
    1. Stichting Hilversum One is not responsible for any form of damages that you may incur during the event.
    2. In case the Fusie Festival is cancelled all participants shall be refunded.
    3. Payment for the market stalls must be received by the Stichting Hilversum One at the latest  31st of August 2021.
    4. If payment is not received and confirmed by Stichting Hilversum One, rights of entry for the participant shall be denied.
    5. If a participant cancels his participation after 1 September 2021, he/she shall not be entitled to return his participation fees.
    6. Registration of participants is only complete after confirmation by the Stichting Hilversum One and receipt of the participation.
    7. Participants are liable for the damage inflicted on the organisation or third parties by him, his staff and/or his/her agents.
    8. Participants are obliged to ensure the correct diploma’s / Permits that require the sale of goods or wares at a festival and bear the responsibility for doing so.
    9. Participants are expected to leave the terrain around the pitch clean and tidy after the festival ends. If this is not done, the Stichting Hilversum One shall charge extra costs incurred.
    10. The participants are expected to contribute to the atmosphere and purpose of the festival by correctly by being in-line with the organisational goals. Sales takes place exclusively between 10.00 – 21.00 Hours. Sales of soft drinks, beer and wine are reserved for and by the Stichting Hilversum One.
    11. Any sale of alternative drinks (alcoholic and non-alcoholic) is only possible after approval by the Stichting Hilversum One and confirmed via mail.
    If the above conditions are not met, the Stichting Hilversum One is entitled to remove the relevant participant directly from the site.