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1.Your child should be living and registered in Hilversum and should be between the ages of 5-18 years old
2. If they have a culture hobby they want to do and you as a parent cannot afford it and this is due to the fact that you are in any of the situations below;
a) you are on uitkering (social welfare )of some sort and do not receive wages
b) you as a parent as well as whole family do receive a salary but is at minimum wage which is € 1.635,60(or legal current minimum wage at time of presentation)
c) you are on bijstand (social welfare)
d) if you and your partner do have combined salaries which are above the minimum wages but have a lot of debts
This part can only be proved to the Stichting by showing examples of debts as well as payslips from uitkering
3.The stichting shall pay a maximum of 450 euro of the lesson for your child to take part in any culture activity they desire in a recognised culture organisation.
This 450euros cannot only be paid directly to the culture organisation that is providing the lessons after an invoice is received.
4. If your child needs an instrument to participate in that hobby, please inform us and we can make arrangements with the available organisation that assists children to buy required instruments for their hobby.

This project is made possible by the following:
Gemeente Hilversum

Zonige Jeugd

Stichting Boschuysen

Prins Bernard Cultuurfonds