In order to organize a safe Fusie Festival we will work with a coronavirus entry pass and a online reservation system. To get access to the Fusie Festival, you need, apart from your proof of reservation confirmation and your ID, a coronavirus entry pass. That may either be a proof that you are fully vaccinated, proof that you have recovered of the coronavirus in the last 6 months or a negative test result that is no older than 24 hours on the moment you enter the festival. You can get your coronavirus entry pass in the CoronaCheck App.
If you do not have proof of your vaccination or recovery, or a valid DCC (EU traveler), you can get tested for free at an affiliated testing provider closest to your home within 24 hours but at least 2 hours before your reservation time. Otherwise we unfortunately cannot accept your coronavirus entry pass. See ‘When do I have to get tested?’ for more information. You can plan your free test on
What should I bring to the Fusie Festival?
– Your reservation confirmation* (on your phone or printed)
– Your coronavirus entry pass (in the CoronaCheckApp or printed)
– Your identifiaction (no copies, only original documents )
* there will be some tickets available for purchase at the ‘door’ on the day of the festival. You can only use this option, if you have the CoronaCheckApp with proof of your full vaccination or your proof of recovery. Also we will ask for your contact information on site.
Where can I find more information on the coronavirus entry pass or Testen voor Toegang?
For all the information you need, watch this online video:
Or follow this checklist:
When should I get tested?
Your negative test result from an administered test location should be no older than 24 hours. To make sure your test results are in on time, book your test at least 2 hours before your reservation time. For example, if your reservation time is Saturday September 4 th at 10.00 AM, your test should take place between Friday September 3 rd 10.00 AM and Saturday September 4 th at 8.00 AM. If your reservation time is 3.00 PM, your test should take place between Friday September 3 rd 3.00 PM andSaturday September 4 th 1.00 PM.
Can I do a self-test as well?
It’s always a good idea to do a coronatest if you attend an event, even if you are fully vaccinated or have recovered from the coronavirus in the past 6 months. However, a self-test cannot be used as a ​substitute for a coronavirus entry pass. In order to get your coronavirus entry pass, it is necessary you get tested via at a registered test location.
Do my children need to a coronavirus entry pass?
Children up to 12 years old do not need a corona entry pass to get access to Fusie Festival. Children aged 12 and above do. You can make the test appointment for your children on as well. Please bear in mind that the CoronaCheckApp only allows for one coronavirus entrypass. For your children or other people without a smartphone, you can print out the coronavirus entrypass. See below for more information.
I don’t have a Smartphone. What now?
You can print out your corona entrypass instead of showing it in the CoronaCheck App. You find all the information about this possibility here:
Can I register for the free test without Digi-D?
Yes, you can. Please visit and follow the checklist .
I am not from the Netherlands/I don’t have the Dutch nationality. How can I get a corona entrypass?
It is also possible for non-Dutch people to get tested for free, to get access to the Fusie Festival.
Furthermore it is possible to visit Fusie Festival with a European Digital Corona Certifcate. Please
check out the information on this page: