Program Afrikadag is definate

12:00- Opening to the public
12:05- Kula Skoro
13:05 -MS Aba
14:00 – Tasila Culture-Fashion show
14:30 Music- DJ
15:00 Segre Koffi
16:00 Music- Dj
16:15 Kizomba workshop with Kendrick from Esencia
17:15 One revolution
1815 Victor Sams
19:15 Boka de Banjul
20:30 Entoto band
21:30 Music- DJ
22:00 Sluiting
During the festival there shall be aother activities taking place away from the main podium:
During the festival there will be activities in what we call the Kid’s corner with continoius educative and social workshop going on.

The Workshop hall be as follows:
12:00uur t/m 1300uur
Loubna Henna art
13:00uur t/m 14:00uur
Simone Tye en dye
14:00uur t/m 15:00uur
Lacruz Helweg-dino woodwork
15 :00uur t/m 16 :00
Yolanda Yawa-dance
16:00uur t/m 1700
Ibou -Djembe